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Marble Vimalnath Bhagwan Statue– Its Significance For The Prosperity Of Your Home

Posted by Admin on February, 24, 2024

Renowned by the wild pig symbol, Vimalnath Bhagwan is the 13th Tirthankara of this present time cycle. He had an excellent complexion and was as tall as 60 bows. He had 57 Gandharas (chief followers of a Tirthankara). Shanmukha is His Yaksha Dev and Vidhita is His Yakshni Devi. Swayambhu, the third Vasudev of the existing time cycle, gotten the Samyak Darshan (right vision) from Vimalnath Swami. Due to his symbol of devotion as one of the avatars of Shri Krishna Marble Vimalnath Bhagwan Statue is available in all his devotees’ houses.

Reasons to select Marble Vimalnath Bhagwan Statue

Their best artisans work daily on handicrafts to bring brilliance to you. This exactness and excellence is the reason why we have become a household name today. People always think of us when they need these items of everyday worship.

They have hardworking artisans who put in hours of laborious work to reach these heights of outstanding craftsmanship. Every fine feature in the statutes and temples is highlighted in their handicrafts.
Marble in white Marble Vimalnath Bhagwan Statue is thought to be the most attractive marble statue according to the Vastu guide. The white colour represents prosperity and peace.

The benefits and importance of keeping Marble Vimalnath Bhagwan Statue

  • Attaining the idol at home will lead to enormous growth and success

  • The worship of the marble idol will eradicate all fears for the individual

  • Appealing Vimalnath Bhagwan can eliminate all issues in your life and bring joy to the home.

  • The presence of any marble gods can help give an optimistic energy to the home, which can be a great way to live a happy life.

  • It also reduces the negative energy surrounding the corner.

  • This is an eccentric source of money and will also give Riddhi and Siddhi to the person who keeps it for all time.

How to do the maintenance of Marble Vimalnath Bhagwan Statue

Assemble the essential materials: a bowl, distilled water, a clean, soft cloth, and a light detergent.

Dust the statue: Mildly dust the statue with a clean, soft cloth to get rid of any loose dirt or debris. Dust the statue carefully, making sure to get into all the corners and crannies.

The cleaning resolution should be prepared by merging distilled water and a few drops of mild detergent in a basin. Make sure the mixture is not extremely sudsy. Water that has been distilled is necessary since it does not comprise minerals that can leave spots on the marble.
Use the cleaning solution on a clean, soft cloth by soaking it in it and wringing it out until it is hardly moist. Make sure to uniformly distribute the solution across the statue's surface by giving it a mild rub. Aim to use as little water as possible because using too much water might damage or taint the marble.

Rinse the statue: Use distilled water and a clean, wet cloth to solution the statue. Make sure the cleaning agent is gone.

The statue should be entirely dried with a clean, dry cloth. Dry the statue totally, making sure to get into all the nooks and clefts.
This will diminish the likelihood of UV radiation and severe moisture harm.

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